Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ozterity: The Fifth Side of the Triangle

INK BOTTLE“You will be old-fashioned one day. It’s more shocking than getting old.”
~ Enid Bagnold, The Chalk Garden

There Is More Than One Truth to Tell in the  West Side Story of Lattitue ...

‘It Was My Primal Scream’ Politico
The Cold War, Continued: Post-Election Russophobia Counterpunch

Interactive Map: The Flow of International Trade Visual Capitalist 

Terrorists don't respect borders. So all of Europe needs to work together to stop them  

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Deutsche Bank to Pay $37 Million to End ‘Dark Pool’ Investigations WSJ

Robert Wood,Bitcoin User Files To Block IRS Access To Coinbase Accounts.

$1tn of transactions worldwide tainted by briberyWorld Bank says

The Weimar Analogy Jacobin. “Comparing Trump’s America to fascist Germany only fuels elites’ antidemocratic fantasies.”
Solove, Daniel J. and Citron, Danielle Keats, Risk and Anxiety: A Theory of Data Breach Harms (December 14, 2016) SSRN:https://ssrn.com/abstract=2885638
In lawsuits about data breaches, the issue of harm has confounded courts. Harm is central to whether plaintiffs have standing to sue in federal court and whether their claims are viable. Plaintiffs have argued that data breaches create a risk of future injury from identity theft or fraud and that breaches cause them to experience anxiety about this risk

Ozterity: Dorothy meets the Mnuchins  

South China Sea: Beijing says it will give back seized drone, accuses US of 'hyping up' issue
ABC Online - ‎13 hours ago‎
China's Defence Ministry says it has been in talks with the United States about returning an underwater drone taken by a Chinese naval vessel in the South China Sea, but added that the US did not help by "hyping up" the issue

They Have, Right Now, Another You NYRB. Facebook’s big data is bad. In all senses.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has announced 36 candidates who will stand at the next Queensland election, saying there were plans to announce more soon.

She said she was "wiser, more knowledgeable, experienced, and the party has moved on", after One Nation's 11-seat victory in the 1998 state election.

"I'm actually targeting every seat that I'm ... standing a candidate in to actually go ahead and win — I've got a positive attitude and so have my candidates."  Many Candidates

“Far up the Sheepscot, where the tide goes out,

And leaves the river water free of salt,

And free to foster tame freshwater life,

Far from the sea’s tall terror, wave on wave

And tooth on tooth in the bone-handled jaws

Which ultramariners use as their laws,

I spy the first footprint of Robinson.

Though his birthplace gives little to go on,

He is implicit in the inward town

Where not a soul steps out of doors at noon

And no one stirs behind twelve-over-twelve

Panes in the windows.  Walk uphill yourself

And stand before the cluttered clapboard church

Signed `1830’ by its year of birth;

Look down through ash boughs on the whited town

Where they say he and his love slept alone

Under one roof for life, and where his moon

Singled him out, awake, each moonlight night

That spring tides steered upriver with their salt

And broke in these backwaters; feel his pulse

Still in the riverside and his strait house.”

When a Spanish newspaper published a sad story about a young girl and her father who both supposedly were suffering from deadly diseases, readers responded with generous donations of cash. This is what happened when other news organizations reported the story wasn't true. 

Bob Dylan on lies and news fakery — way back in 1963