Thursday, December 29, 2016

Always Winning the War on Drugs ...

Audit finds waste, law-breaking, little oversight in DEA informant - Human Disinformation Sources 


Want to make some big-time cash? Sign on as a confidential informant with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and its War on Drugs 
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Rapper Jay Z says war on drugs is 'an epic fail' in stirring new video

RAP mogul Jay Z has labelled the war on drugs an “epic fail”. ... The New York Times, Jay Z speaks openly about the drug problem in America.

... it is "good to arrest somebody and take a bad guy off the street." 

Unfortunately, society and the law continues to approach addiction issues from a criminal perspective and demonizes the addicts. The "war" on drugs has raged on since the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, alcohol prohibition (Volstad Act) from 1919 to 1933 and the current war on drugs that has raged on for the past 60 years. The end result has been the empowering of the criminals, Capone and Escobar included, stigmatized millions of Americans with criminal convictions and demonized them what instead should have been a health issue. And the reality is 
the "war" has ever only temporarily reduced the availability of drugs and alcohol to those seeking them

The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, has used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to call for the world to "rethink" the war ...

A former NRL player and a Bondi businessman have been linked to a drug ring after New South Wales Police recorded the biggest cocaine haul in Australia's  history
Among the men arrested is former Eastern Suburbs Roosters player John Roland Boyd Tobin, who played 125 matches as lock forward in the 1980s. Bondi entrepreneur Darren John Mohr was also arrested. He lists his occupation as the owner Martini Motors and is 
also the former owner of the Bondi Rescue HQ cafe. His Instagram profile shows a love of Harley Davidson motorbikes, Rolls Royce cars and being shirtless. Police also arrested Reuben John Dawe, who lists his occupation as a maritime worker and commercial fisherman Joseph Pirrello, 63. Other man arrested in the sting include Simon Peter Spero, 56, Graham Toa Toa, 42, Stuart Ayrton, 54, Jonathan Cooper, 29, Richard Lipton, 37, Frank 
D'Agostino, 54, and Benjamin Sara, 31 Police smash cocaine ring at Sydney Fish Market in Christmas Day raid

Freedom from fear

Two surveys of the SWS (September and December) suggest that fear is widespread, in terms of public opinion on the so-called “War on Drugs.

Philippines authorities make biggest drug seizure in country's history

How capitalism profits from the 'war on drugs'

More recently, as Dawn Paley's book Drug War Capitalism details for Latin America, the drug war also 
facilitates profit making by making it ...

Here's a Novel Approach: Let's Declare 'War' on Drugs
"We need to declare a war on drugs ...

The 'war on drugs' has failed, and Australia must change its policies 

It has long been evident the global "war on drugs" sparked by then US president Richard Nixon about half a century ago ...

War on drugs a losing battle

Last year, seven people died from taking drugs at music festivals in ... We aren't winning the war on drugs in Australia...