Thursday, December 15, 2016

Antipodean Renaissance Tours De Force

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful. 
~ Jeff Bezos

THE LARGEST cruise ship to call at Sydney arrived early this morning when the Giant Ovation of the Seas (IMO 9697753) berthed at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at about 6am. Several passengers of the Ovation of the Seas who are using Google are already aware of the best tour operators and cultural spectrum of events and activities in Sydney. Due to less than six degrees of separation, and with hard core irony, many Ovation souls are keen to view The world's biggest wooden ship - The barque Tenacious which invaded Sydney yesterday

United Nations declares 2017 international year sustainable tourism development

Renaissance Tours is Australia’s leading cultural and special interest tour operator and a lot more. As this agency offers an exquisite program of opera, music, ballet, art, garden and rail tours around the world and within Australasia   ... Renaissance Tours - Calendar

According to premier traveller's journal, Renaissance Tours has something for everyone with its brilliant sellection of events...  Renaissance Tours has carved out a niche by following the art and music trails since 1997. Two Decades of experience is appreciated by seasoned culture vultures. As a result, MMXVII, 2017, is shaping up as rather colourful one for the 20th Anniversary Year - The Best Year is Yet to Come ...

Speaking of hues, colourful popular ABC Classic FM presenters Mairi Nicolson, Damien Beaumont and Christopher Lawrence have signed up to travel the world and lead music and opera tours for Renaissance Tours  in 2017

"Baby-boomers want tours that will feed their minds (plus a bit of shopping), writes Caroline Gladstone of  Traveller.Com. Au. Well-travelled, well-read and well-off is one way of describing the growing band of Australians taking cultural tours.   
Antipodean Renaissance Tours De Force

There’s a reason we use the term advisor to describe the members of our annual A-List, the top travel specialists in the business. These experts offer much more than booking services. First and foremost, says Wendy Perrin, TripAdvisor’s Travel Advocate and founder of, they can help you decide where to go by walking you through the pros and cons of destinations based on the varying interests (and ages) of the people in your group. Not only that, they’ll deliver insider insights and access. They can tell you how to avoid the crowds at major sights and where the locals eat. They can even pair you with designers and architects who moonlight as walking-tour guides, get a local artist to open his 
studio to you, and direct you to hidden corners of a city. And they also, crucially, 
know how to put together a seamless itinerary. I was reminded of this a few months ago when I (travel editor that I am) foolishly tried arranging my own flights in Africa before a safari. After consulting with an advisor late in the game, I learned I was about to book with an airline that was notorious for last-minute, safari-ruining cancellations. Lesson learned Why Use a Travel Agent

Iconic Bookstores Around The World That Are As Atmospheric As They Are Literary

“When you walk into the shop, the books appear to reach impossible heights and stretch clear into the distance, an effect created by the perfect symmetry of the dark wooden shelves and the clever use of mirrors on the ceilings and walls. In an amphitheater-like room for readings and lectures, the impression is amplified by the reflection of the curved wall in the mirrored ceiling; it feels as if you are completely surrounded by a rainbow of book spines. In yet another room, the books are arranged on thin columns placed randomly around the room like trees in a forest, with benches interspersed for reading. Again, a mirrored ceiling makes the shelves appear as if they are not just trees, but towering redwoods.” For blogs on sustainable travel, try National Geographic's Intelligent Travel blogging site, which won the 2007 "Travvies" awards for best travel blog. There are postings on everything from the carbon-cutting skills of goats to organic farm stays. The travel section of Treehugger is similar, but more serious ( This exhaustive guide to all things sybaritic can provide hours of escapist fun. Learn how to carry home vintage wine, where to rub shoulders with the rich and famous and what you can expect to pay for the world's most expensive dessert (£7,160, if you're asking). Paul Johnson updates his site daily with entries covering destinations, tours, hotels, restaurants, bars, travel gadgets, accessories, guidebooks and clothes. Look at local food blogs before you travel. publishes "epi-logs" written by experienced travel and food writers, mostly covering the United States and Europe.