Monday, December 12, 2016

From Moneyball to Snowball ... Two real-life tales

Katz, Daniel Martin and Bommarito, Michael James and Blackman, Josh, A General Approach for Predicting the Behavior of the Supreme Court of the United States (December 10, 2016) SSRN: or

What Is Time? Perhaps It’s No More Than Our Own Experience Of It

“For more than two thousand years, the world’s great minds have argued about the essence of time. Is it finite or infinite? Does it flow like a river or is it granular, proceeding in small bits, like sand trickling through an hourglass? And what is the present? Is now an indivisible instant, a line of vapor between the past and the future? Or is it an instant that can be measured – and, if so, how long is it? And what lies between the instants?” Adam Burdick argues that the first thinker we know of who got it right was St. Augustine.

'Ellsberg' and 'Snowden': Two real-life tales of complex outlier behaviour and the strangeness of existentialism 

From their backgrounds to their motivations, the two men have some striking differences. 

Daniel Ellsberg Edward Snowden and the modern whistleblower

One cannot help but respect Megyn Kelly's journey and career progression ...