Sunday, July 10, 2016

Australia Election 2016: Hung Parliament Goes To Conservatives

 Mr Turnbull's victory speech on Sunday afternoon came just hours after Opposition Leader Bill Shorten rang him to concede defeat. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared victory in the federal election, saying it is vital for the nation that all sides of politics work together to make this term of parliament work.
"We have won the election," Mr Turnbull told reporters, noting that the Coalition has received around 800,000 more first preference votes than Labor Federa election 2016 Malcolm Turnbull claims Victory

Is this the best thing to ever happen to Turnbull?

​A day may come when Malcolm Turnbull will come to see the solid kicking he received from voters last week as the best thing that ever happened to him. Liberal Leakers: Pyne

Liberal overtures to the Greens in metropolitan Melbourne put the focus on preferences, with Mr Danby employing the bizarre strategy of handing out how-to-vote cards that placed the Liberals second outside booths in Caulfield, home of the large Jewish community in the electorate. Election 2016 results: Liberal Party and Greens claim Labor could lose in Melbourne Ports count

The 29-year-old credited with being the architect of Labor's resurgence in western Sydney has a simple message for Premier Mike Baird – you're next.

People did doubt her, they judge a book by her cover, she's young, she's short, she's female, she's friendly and people mistake that for gullible or easy to manipulate or not smart. People underestimate Kaila at their own peril. 
Former premier Kristina Keneally

Five days after the cliffhanger election, Kaila Murnain, of Michael Daily electorate fame​, NSW Labor's general secretary since early this year, is still in election mode and wired on adrenalin....
NSW Electorates in Federal Election ...