Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Video: Millions of Hacks

Global cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky explains why he's concerned about the growing threat of cybercrime spilling over into everyday life Video: Millions of hacks a week, and growing

Temperatures dropped to five degrees overnight as a tourist was trapped on the rock.
Hackers extorted an international company based in Brisbane for a ransom paid out in bitcoin but then escalated their demands by threatening online attacks on a senior employee’s child, Queensland police have said Multinational firm paid ransom in bitcoins to hackers who broke into systems

Gmail profiling is performed by a mysterious device known as the Content OneBox, or COB for short. The COB’s inner workings are shrouded in mystery — the court documents describing it are heavily redacted. But we know that it deploys many distinct data mining methods to place users into these “buckets”. In addition to exploiting demographic or interest-based observables, the COB tries to understand the actual meaning of email messages with advanced “machine learning” algorithms Courts docs show how Google slices users into “millions of buckets”

Retiring Cisco CEO delivers dire prediction: 40% of companies will be dead in 10 years Business Insider (David L). If you read the article carefully, Chambers tries to claim his own experience at Cisco proves the need to “go digital,” whatever that vague label is supposed to mean (in fairness, maybe the speech was more specific than the reporting). However, the story he tells is the typical fate of a company that goes on an acquisition binge. They become too sprawling and balkanized and need to be a major restructuring, and often very serious work to get the units that are left to play together better. This has nada to do with the march of tech. This sort of thing is standard fare across all sorts of industries.