Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Happy hour free reading

Best way to relax and be happy ...

“Authors, publishers and literary journals are all finding new ways of connecting directly to their readers – and their wallets – on online platforms such as Kickstarter. Marta Bausells examines the books industry’s new wave of social financing and picks 10 of the best literary crowdfunding projects.” The Guardian

Elderly bank robbers

Joe Hockey on Sydney homes

Reserve bank governor Glenn Stevens flags Sydney property prices as crazy

Etsy eBay and Gumtree sellers as hobbyists?

Modernising the Australian Taxation Office: Vision, people, systems and values (by Michael D’Ascenzo)
Anecdotally, the Australian Tax Office is perceived as one of the leading tax agencies in the world. It has met challenges of tax administration through a close working relationship with the community and a focus on compliance.

ATO Reinvention Report 2015

Reinvented tax office

Privately owned and wealthy groups: the ATO's new online resource, as part of Reinventing the ATO - Part I and II - by Michael Inglis, Tax Barrister, Blackstone Chambers, Sydney

Thompson Weekly Tax Bulletin 1 May 2015 No 18

I'm A Liberal Professor, And My Liberal Students Terrify Me

Cedar and Stuart Anderson are revolutionising beekeeping 
Crowdfunding beehive ; Flow hive honey