Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bloody Weekend

Islamic State supporters sent Lindt chocolates to a potential recruit as part of an indoctrination campaign that referenced the deadly siege at Sydney's Lindt Cafe, according toThe New York Times.
ISIS Supporters citing Sydney siege sent Lindt chocolates to recruitment target
A  gunman shot dozens at a Tunisian beach resort, a suicide bomber targeted a mosque in Kuwait and in France, a lone killer pinned a decapitated head to the gates of a factory, in an international Islamist assault on Friday.
Tunisia gunman laughed and joked as he killed tourists

Wave grisly islamist attacks shocks world during ramadan

Severed Head Found After Suspected Terror Attack at French Chemical Factory Wall Street Journal

With $27 trillion in savings, Chinese are set to change the world Sydney Morning Herald. Not necessarily. Any financial asset is someone else’s financial liability. Tons of financial assets, like railroad stocks in the 19th century, or Japanese purchases of golf courses in the bubble years, resulted in a lot of wealth destruction.