Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Fights of the Year

Since nearly losing it all in February, Tony Abbott's leadership has morphed to be both stronger and weaker – or more precisely, safer than it was, yet less commanding. Cabinet leaks spill everywhere

Those hoping one of Westminster’s most entertaining ongoing feuds would cool after the election will not be disappointed. As the dust settled on David Cameron’s majority, his 2010 confident and in-house polling guru Lord Ashcroft let rip in theNew Statesman at the Tories’ victorious 2015 election strategist Lynton Crosby
Lynton Crosby vs Lord Ashcroft 

Analysis done for The Daily Telegraph showed Mr Abbott paid $351,000 in 1994 for his home and it is now worth $1.5 million. In comparison, Mr Shorten’s Melbourne home, which was purchased for $842,000 in 2009, would be worth $1 million. Sydney vs Melbourne Profit in Real Estates

NSW Parliametary strategies expose emperor's clothes
"Let us pass this bill straight away," Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Monday.
"Let's get it through this place in a hurry," Small Business Minister Bruce Billson said last week. Labor motion sees government vote down its own small business budget measure

Woollahra Council enlists rich in town in antiamalgamation push

Randwick enlists poor in town in proamalgamation push

Dagger aimed at the heart of democracy The Hill

Blacklist of European officials barred from entering Russia