Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bullaburra is an Aboriginal word meaning clear day

“James Billington, 86, like Dr Cope, is a Russia scholar who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 as the 13th Librarian of Congress and leader of the oldest federal cultural institution. In a video message to his staff, he said he will leave Jan. 1.”

Bullaburra features a bushwalks and picnic ground..
Bullaburra is an Aboriginal word meaning clear day
Adam Gopnik: “It is rarely the book you came to seek, but the book next to that book, which changes your mind and heart.” But, more than that, “restaurants, bookstores, cafés – on a grander scale railway stations, on a lesser one chessboards near park benches – are the sinews of civil society.” The New Yorker

Austerity Isn’t Irrational: In Greece and elsewhere, austerity is nothing more than capitalists imposing their class interests Jacobin

Plague, medieval taxes, religious persecution, prostitution: these are not exactly the topics that you expect to be immersed in as a new parent. But probably right at this moment, mothers of small children around the world are mindlessly singing along to seemingly innocuous nursery rhymes that, if you dig a little deeper, reveal shockingly sinister backstories. Babies falling from trees? Heads being chopped off in central London? Animals being cooked alive? Since when were these topics deemed appropriate to peddle to toddlers? The dark side of nursery rhymes

The New World Order—A Faustian Bargain International Man . The early parts are simplistic, but it works its way to making some good observations.

Growth, what growth? Thatcherism fails to produce the goods Guardian

Aspirational parents condemn their children to a desperate, joyless life George Monbiot Guardian. Today’s must read

Wild drunk: Chimpanzees drink alcohol with leafy tools BBC News