Monday, June 15, 2015


Why Technology Hasn’t Delivered More Democracy Foreign Policy

“The measures proposed by the troika have led to success elsewhere.” #Merkel in full trolling mode on #Greece? @SpiegelPeter

Merkel makes it clear that the creditor proposals (dismissed by Tsipras as absurd) are the only ones on the table @BrunoBrussels

Merkel-Schaeuble Differences Over Greece Talks Said to Widen Bloomberg (Dimitri). We’ve discussed this in comments. Another big obstacle to a deal getting done.

ECB’s Mersch Downplays Danger From European Government Bond Yields Rise WSJ Economics

A Speech of Hope for Greece Project Syndicate. Varoufakis’ speech in Germany covered similar ground.

A Greek Default Slashes U.S. Exports and Jobs Fiscal Times

The Greek Trap New York Times. An anti-Greece rant. Tons of pushback in comments. I’m cynical enough to wonder if Cohen felt that Obama’s pressure on Greece gave him cover.

The Quiet German New Yorker. A profile of Merkel from last year.

New Housing Headwind Looms as Fewer Renters Can Afford to Own Wall Street Journal. Josh Rosner discussed how demographics had nasty implications for housing prices in the later part of this decade years ago, but few pay attention to long-range forecasts.