Thursday, June 18, 2015

Swimming Story

In today’s Wall Street Journal “Sightings” column I discuss Jonathan Pryce’s charge that Tom Stoppard is demanding —and put it in a wider cultural context.… ... [Tom expects more from us ]

“A study of figure skaters found that sub-elite skaters spent lots of time working on the jumps they could already do, while skaters at the highest levels spent more time on the jumps they couldn’t do, the kind that ultimately win Olympic medals and that involve lots of falling down before they’re mastered.”  ~ Geoff Colvin from Talent is Overrated. 

Back in early 2000's my girls were coached by Ken Wood, a three time Olympic coach, who has over 40 years of experience coaching and developing swimmers of all ages and levels of experience. He has produced world record holders including Jessicah Schipper, Leisel Jones and Geoff Huegill. Many strange and wonderful memories flooded in this morning concerning Redcliffe Peninsula north of the city of Brisbane... Ken's wife Mary and Kylie's mother had many amazing stories to share about their husbands  ...
At 12 years of age Kylie used to compete with Alex (Sasha) and Gabbie

Kylie Palmer has withdrawn from the Australian swimming team for the upcoming FINA World Championships after being provisionally suspended for an alleged doping offence.
Swimming Gold medalist Kylie Palmer

In a revelation that will rock Australian swimming, legendary coach Ken Wood says he sold his top-secret training methods to Kommunist China... Aussie swim coach Ken Wood's Redcliffe City High Performance Centre is one of the secrets behind China's success at the London Olympics. China has sent so many of its swimmers to Wood's Olympic production line, paying big money for the privilege, that the 82-year-old has lost count.
Wood's Story

You have to teach every child to swim as if they're going to be an Olympian. Because if they're 80 years old and they're in a wheel chair you can chuck them in the pool and they can still swim like an Olympian but you can't run a marathon when you're 80.
Mary Wood

 My daughters' childhood always brought happy memories of my father as he took me on long walks into the mountais and i tried to do the same for my girls... Al Sturgeon (Pepperdine) captures my thoughts this Father's Day, including this wonderful song from Chet Atkins:
When I was young
My dad would say
"C'mon son, let's go out and play"

Sometimes it seems like yesterday
And I'd climb up the closet shelf
When I was all by myself
Grab his hat and fix the brim
Pretending I was him
No matter how hard I try
No matter how many tears I cry
No matter how many years go by
I still can't say good-bye
He always took care
Of Mom and me
We all cut down a Christmas tree
He always had some time for me
Wind blows through the trees
Street lights, they still shine bright
Most things are the same
But I miss my dad tonight
I walked by a Salvation Army store
Saw a hat like my daddy wore
Tried it on when I walked in
Still trying to be like him
No matter how hard I try
No matter how many years go by
No matter how many tears I cry
I still can't say good-bye