Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trust and Betrayal of Love and Environment

Co Founder of Landcare australia-program Phillip Toyne dies

An Italian magazine on Monday put a leaked draft of Pope Francis' encyclical on its website but the Vatican said it was not the final version and asked journalists to wait until the official version is released Draft of pope's environment encyclical leaked

More than 50 environmental, charitable and farmers organisations have written an open letter to the government urging it to adopt a zero carbon emissions target by 2050.
Australian government urged to adopt a zero carbon emissions target 2050

It was a nondescript three-bedroom house in Ultimo. But inside, investigators were shocked to find 58 beds crammed into 19 dirty, makeshift rooms. Sydney cracks down on black market syndicates

Behind the greatest Wikipedia hoax ever pulled The Kernel

Evgeny Morozov on digital addictionExBerliner (MR). “I would guess that very soon, we’ll see a state-imposed imperative to connect.”

Losing the thread Aeon. “[T]extiles are technology, more ancient than bronze and as contemporary as nanowires.”

The tyranny of the friendless Michael O. Church (MR). Interesting article on organizational behavior.