Friday, June 12, 2015

Power of Uncertainty

“The issue facing business leaders in 2015,” says Professor Ram Charan, “is not how to cope with change. It is about how to anticipate changes coming down the track, understand their implications before competitors, and utilise them to improve your market position and profitability.” 
Ram Charan on the power of uncertainty

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Experts Say Best Option Now Is Keeping Nation As Comfortable As Possible Till End The Onion

This consulting firm hires powerful government workers and sells their secret knowledge back to Wall Street Business Insider (Deontos). BI is a little late to this party. We’ve been writing about Promontory, including in-depth original reporting on the fiasco of their work for Bank of America an PNC in the Independent Foreclosure Review.

Josef Šíma and Tomáš Nikodým: Classical Liberalism in the Czech Republic

This convergence is known as the Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things. Whatever the name, the result will profoundly affect global trade patterns, supply chains and societies A new Industrial Revolution is coming

Psychometric assessments can be extremely valuable in ensuring a candidate is a good fit for a role, but according to recruitment expert Paul Barbaro, they should never replace "gut feel" .Psychometric assessments shouldn't replace "gut feel"

Thanks to cloud computing, mind-blowing data analysis is getting so cheap that many businesses can easily afford it $10 hedge fund supercomputer sweeps Wall Street with power from the cloud

The latest development in this field is the scanning of irises from a distance of up to 40 feet (12 metres) away. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in the US demonstrated they were able to use their iris recognition technology to identify drivers from an image of their eye captured from their vehicle's side mirror. Iris scanners can now identify us from 40 feet away

Corporate criminal liability is one of the tools used to ensure corporate compliance with regulations and laws. In an increasingly onerous regulatory environment, the scope of criminal liability may widen Financial Crime and Corporate Criminal Liability: What Next?

Meet Crowdjustice, a site in the U.K. that wants to step in where the government's legal aid is failing Lawsuits In The Public Interest Now Have Their Own Crowdfunding Site