Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Self Interest and Cutting Deals in Government

Although the son of Con Hindi, the property developing mayor of Hurstville, was only 20, late last year Malcolm Hindi splashed out more than $2 million for a waterfront property.
Mayor Hindi


Premier Mike Baird is considering stripping any reference to the availability of ethics classes as an alternative to special religious education from school enrolment forms after being lobbied by faith groups. Baird denies deal with Nile

History of 1915 repeats itself without firing a bullet ... Premier Mike Baird, who was in the upper house for the vote, declared it a "milestone" in the history of the state. 

Too big to jail?: Why does the UK legal system fail to prosecute bank fraud? Contributoria

Andrew Cuomo’s Administration Involved in Federal Corruption Probe of Real Estate Industry International Business Times

Is This Planned Ghost Town the City of the Future? Wired. Sounds like a due diligence laundry to me.

Robert Reich: Crony capitalism is crippling the economy Robert Reich, Salon