Saturday, June 20, 2015

Uncommon Sense

Dr. Heath talks about emotional resonance, its importance and how it can be used in improving the effectiveness of advertising Uncommon Sense: The Emotive Power of Marketing

The rainbow over Sydney's CBD this afternoon.
The rainbow over Sydney's CBD 
Surreal Sydney as I walked through Surry Hills

Much regulatory attention since the financial crisis has focused on specific examples of wrong-doing, such as mis-selling or benchmark-fixing. But standing back and looking at the bigger picture shows that there are larger, macro circumstances that help to spread conduct risk, like a virus, across entire industry sectors Gaining New Perspectives on the Causes of Poor Culture

The nation's two most senior tax men have spent much of the past year trying to sell the idea that the Tax Office can sustain some of the deepest cuts to staff in its more than 100-year history.
The people who are leaving the office, the vast majority of them have been there a long long time and that depth of experience, the impact of that loss, it's irreplaceable. 
anonymous former ATO staffer Blood letting at tax office takes hold

Startup Crystal claims it can help you write better e-mails by mining recipients’ online data for clues to their personality. Can You Improve Your E-Mails by Analyzing Recipients’ Personalities?

To shame tax scofflaws into paying up, some states are publishing their names and the amounts they owe on public websites.
Under its plan, Vermont compiles the lists, and then notifies the scofflaws by letter that their names are about to be published. According to Mousley, the letter often is incentive enough to prompt payment To Collect Revenue, Some States Put Tax Scofflaws in Virtual 'Stocks'

Are ideas really non-rival? Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. If ideas are rivalrous, does that make them common pool resources as opposed to public goods?

‘The Iliad’ London Review of the Books