Thursday, June 18, 2015

Uncommon Goods

Happy Birthday Olek ...

Have you heard about UncommonGoods?  They are a really interesting company because they're hyper-aware of the world around them and strive to offer unusual finds and beautiful handcrafted goods, while trying to respect the world in which they are created and the people who produce them
Uncommon Goods

Waterproof  magic
Outdoor Howell Sofa

Other than painting, wallpapers can make for a great decor alternative but I think you all know as well as we do how hard it is to find that exact wallpaper that will fit the perfect decor you have dreamt about for awhile. We have seen a few nice ones online but there's always something that doesn't look quite right and if we're going to spend that much time and effort, it has to be just right, am i right? 
Wallpapered allows you to customize and create your own wallpaper just by uploading an image. How amazing is that, to have a wallpaper designed by yourself or even an illustration by a friend. It will definitely make the room that much more close to your heart.
Or if you are an avid traveler or just fond of traveling like us, the world map wallpaper is a great way to keep that wanderlust going 24/7 or you can even use it to mark down (nicely) the places you've been!