Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Government Continues to Pursue Taxpayers Committing Tax Fraud

Andrew Mitchel, U.S. Government Continues to Pursue Taxpayers Committing Tax Fraud

Jim Maule, The Return of the Lap Dance Tax Challenge. “Despite having a fairly good grasp of tax law generally, and a passable understanding of sales taxation, I would have struggled with this case because, as others can attest, I don’t quite understand art.”

Independent Commission For The Reform of International Corporate Taxation Calls For New Measures To Combat Global Tax Dodging

This could catch on a lot better than that Irwin Schiff stuff. Austrian Brothel Offering Free Sex And Drinks In Tax Protest

Last week, four men robbed a Charkop businessman of Rs 12 lakh and ornaments at 7 am in an incident straight out of Bollywood movie Special 26, which reminiscences the 1987 robbery of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri store at Opera house.
How to spot a fake income-tax raid

Fake IRS agents target more than 366000 in huge tax scam

The Greatest Reality TV Accountants, Awarded and Ranked (Leona May, Going Concern). I’d love to see Robert D. Flach do this

Mimi Lok: “If you only see someone as a case study then it normally hones in on that instance or instances of where they had their human rights violated. It’s reducing that person to that moment of injustice. You are reducing that person’s whole experience. We want to do the opposite.” Salon 

Marius Kociejowski is fond of asking, withW.S. Graham, “What is the language using us for?” More than other mortals, writers flatter themselves imagining they are solely in charge. In fact, this craft of composition mingles transcription and something knottier and less romantically pleasing, problem solving. Half the words, or more, just appear. Then begins the erasing and rearranging. No one is original. No slate is blank. Genuine novelty would amount to speaking in unknown tongues, an atavistic cul-de-sac. Consider Zbigniew Herbert in his essay “Animula” (The Collected Prose 1948-1998, 2010) I am dealing with something bigger than

Gillian Triggs: "Well, I am a statutory officer, and that is a position of independence which allows me to speak based on the evidence and based on the law as truthfully as I can, to government and to the Australian people. That is what I believe I have been doing. I have been meeting my statutory obligations."

"Indeed, were I to receive frequent praise and commendation from the government, I think the Australian people would have a good reason to ask for my resignation." Bronwyn Bishop called for Gillian Triggs resignation