Monday, May 04, 2015

Why did the US pay this former Swiss banker $104M?

The Power of one as BB “single-handedly” brought about serious changes to the global tax system.

Rich people have been dodging taxes around the world for centuries. But it's getting harder to get away with it. Not even dodgers like Putin ... Masters of tax evasions
Mr. Birkenfeld was the UBS banker who blew the whistle on UBS and thereafter the other Swiss banks plying the U.S. tax evasion market.  He received a $104 million whistleblower award and a prison sentence.  But what he really wants is some form of vindication in addition to $104 million Why did the US pay this former Swiss banker $104M?
UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld awarded $104m
Bradley Birkenfeld (left) 

“Birkenfeld was a blessing for the Swiss financial industry,” in that his revelations helped accelerate the industry's transition away from its reliance on“dirty” money by dooming the bank secrecy laws that enabled tax evasion.
Bradley Birkenfeld ;  Whistleblower Bradley speaks