Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Wise words from Tony Windsor / Ministerial staff

“When I was young I thought South Africa would always be apartheid.  I never thought the Berlin Wall would come down.  I thought Russia would always be Communist.  Leaders didn’t bring these changes.  They came from the people.  All of us as individuals must turn up.”
– Tony Windsor, Carnegie Conversations, Sydney Opera House, 3 May 2015

On Sunday, the Sydney Opera House hosted the Carnegie Conversations – a series of discussions about a variety of topics broadly themed around what is wrong with Australia and how can we fix it – ideas for a better Australia.

Refreshingly, Tony Abbott ... was barely mentioned if at all.  It seemed broadly agreed that “we cannot wait for the political class to deliver” Wise-words from Tony Windsor

White Shark and Kayak

Robert Di Natale spoke of his Italian heritage. “I’m a product of the great Australian experiment called multiculturalism,” he said. “It’s taken a beating at the moment. The debate on terrorism and refugees means that the multiculturalism issue needs a champion, and I’m going to be that champion.”
“I come from a traditional, working class, Italian family. My parents weren’t particularly political, but my extended family were all Labor voters,” Di Natale said. “There’s a good chance that if I was born 30, 40 years ago maybe I’d be in the Labor party right now.”
Meet Richard di Natale new greens leader

To many observers, government agencies are becoming progressively leaner, while ministerial offices are ballooning. From the outside, those ministerial staffer roles can seem oblique and numerous, thought Aaron Hill from Deloitte Access Economics. So he’s set about answering the often-thought question: what do all these ministerial staff actually do
Ministerial staff 

NSW Electoral Commission on ivote and hackers

NSW Privacy Commissioner Doctor Elizabeth Coombs has called for amendments to be made to the state's Privacy and Personal Information Protection (PIPP) Act from 1998 to bring it in line with 21st Century privacy concerns.
report (PDF) was tabled in state parliament which outlined a number of recommendations.

According to the Privacy Doctor: "A key legislative gap is the lack of protection for the personal information of NSW citizens when their information is transferred out of NSW by public sector agencies."

NSW Privacy Commissioner Dr Elizabeth Coombs has repeated her call for the state government to shore up privacy legislation governing the public sector with explicit provisions for how personal data should be protected interstate and overseas.

Last year then-Attorney General Brad Hazzard told the Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) he wanted a legislative amendment to address offshore data hosting obligations.

Inside the mind of a bad manager Psychology lifts the lid on why some people struggle as leaders.