Monday, May 04, 2015

Big Banks Use Loophole to Avoid Ban

Former Swiss Banker: Wealthy Above Law NBC

HSBC files: UK tax officials under fire for allowing payment amnesty 

Big Banks Use Loophole to Avoid Ban Wall Street Journal - A generic headline, but the ban is the automatic SEC ban on certain product sales as part of an enforcement action.

Silicon Valley braced for EU scrutiny Financial Times

Who’s Crazy Now? American Psychological Association Supported Torture “At Every Critical Juncture” George Washington

Internet trolls: Proactive policing Economist. Notice it only takes five comments to get to 80% accuracy. Overpersistence (which in our experience goes along with dishonest argumentation) is a big tell.

With its own Tweet gaffe, Twitter spectacularly demonstrates its own intrinsic Catch-22 Pando Daily