Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Happiness and Freedom: East German Version

Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.

William ShakespeareMacbeth

Last year an uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been executed for trying to overthrow the government ..."Traitor Jang Song" 
This Month North Korea introduces Russian Winter of Zero Tolerance and executes is Military chief for dosing off at army events / the intelligence agency failed to respond to the media request whether general was issued with usheka before execution
Treason punishment if you fail key performance indicators

The moment we keep something a secret that is the time we became individuals ... I wore a river in the shape of Cold War's Iron Curtain

“Heartbreak is how we mature… There is almost no path a human being can follow that does not lead to heartbreak.”

Happiness and Freedom: East German Version Ian Welsh (Chuck L). A must read. Carol B flagged the same article and noted: “America’s becoming very like the jokes we americans used to make about the Soviet Union.

What does Putin want? A major analysis by Rostislav Ishchenko (must read!). Vineyard of the Saker (Chuck L). From last month, still important. I think it paints the picture in overly bright colors (as in it assumes a deliberate strategy in the US, as opposed to a noxious mix of inertia, bad ideology, and bad incentives) but is still directionally correct.
The Haunt Of History In Eurasia Vineyard of the Saker (margarita)

 Stephen F. Cohen on Russia and Putin, Bets are being taken in Ukraine and some parts of Russia this week predicting that Putin will be powerless by May 2016 ...

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