Friday, May 29, 2015

Deloitte Australia's inaugural Australian Privacy Index

“The Open Bitcoin Privacy Project (OBPP) – an open-source, international organization whose goal is to improve financial privacy within the Bitcoin ecosystem – has released its Spring 2015 Wallet Privacy Rating Report. In the report, the OBPP rates the 10 most popular Bitcoin wallets by measuring the wallets’ effectiveness at protecting users’ privacy.

Deloitte Australia's inaugural Australian Privacy Index, also launched on Monday to coincide with PAW 2015, revealed that other major sources of breach concern for Australian consumers were passport numbers (46 percent) and driver licence numbers (43 percent).
The study, which was informed by more than 1,000 surveyed individuals, also found that the banking and finance, and government sectors were the top two most trusted industry areas by consumers when it comes to safeguarding personal information.

(Image: Deloitte Australia)

Gompers, Paul A. and Kaplan, Steven N. and Mukharlyamov, Vladimir, What Do Private Equity Firms Say They Do? (April 27, 2015). Harvard Business School Finance Working Paper No. 15-081; Harvard Business School Entrepreneurial Management Working Paper No. 15-081. Available for download at SSRN: or
“Bollen, Nicolas P. B. and Sensoy, Berk A., How Much for a Haircut? Illiquidity, Secondary Markets, and the Value of Private Equity (May 17, 2015). Fisher College of Business Working Paper No. 2015-03-08. Available for download at SSRN:
“Limited partners (LPs) of private equity funds commit to invest with significant uncertainty regarding the timing of capital calls and payoffs and extreme restrictions on liquidity. Secondary markets have emerged which alleviate some of the associated cost. This paper develops a subjective valuation model incorporating these institutional features. Private equity values are sensitive to the discount in secondary market transactions, especially for more risk averse LPs. Model-implied breakeven returns generally exceed empirically observed returns. However, highly risk tolerant LPs may find private equity attractive at portfolio allocations observed in practice, especially if they can access above-average funds and an efficient secondary market.”

Banks Are Now Pleading Guilty to Crimes. So Why Aren’t They Being Punished Like Criminals? Slate. Because the United States is a banana republic, and elites have impunity. This is not hard, guys.