Friday, May 01, 2015

Delighting in the Possible

Here’s a slightly adapted version of the Twitter newsgathering tips15 tips for newsgathering via Twitter

News Corp is set to roll out a real-time dashboard that will give its 2500 journalists unprecedented access to data on the size, demographics and location of the audiences their stories reach in digital and social media following a three-day data-centric "hackathon" last week. Two development projects were fast-tracked through Data Foundry, the first data-centric hackathon News Corp's innovation team has convened
Journos to track News's readers

Tools for verifying and assessing the validity of social media and user-generated content
Journalist’s resource, 2/4/15. The speed of social media and the sheer volume of user-generated content make fact-checking by reporters even more important now. Thankfully, a wide variety of digital tools have been developed to help journalists check facts quickly.
UGC: Source, check and stay on top of technology
Ten ways for investigative journalists to check their facts when using search engines and social media – P

When most of us face a challenge, we typically fall back on our standard operating procedures. Call this “managing the probable.” Moving from “managing the probable” to “leading the possible” requires us to address challenges in a fundamentally different way.
Delighting in the possible

It took weeks of planning and IT support, but MEC, an advertising company with offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, pulled off the day-long experiment without a hitch.
‘The office is closed’: Company forces its 900 employees to work from home

Computerworld, 22/4/15. Describes the results of an experiment aiming to investigate the possibility of automating upper-level management. Prototype software dubbed "iCEO." was created.
Think your management job is safe? Beware the 'iCEO'