Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bringing Malaysian Chinese Decision Making to Posh Sydney Suburbs

“One of the basic human rights is to make fun of people. It is now threatened.”
~Anthony Powell, A Writer’s Notebook

New Australia Women forced to back of lecture theatre at hizb ut tahrir lecture

Act locally but think globally B1 bombers coming to Australia to deter Beijing's south china sea ambitions-us-20150514-gh23zl.html

Captain of Randwick's Destiny : "Hands on Randwick" campaign

Fit For Fun: Mayor and his V8

HSV SenatorAn interesting local news from last week -- Randwick Mayor Ted Seng of Liberal drives a V8 Holden whereas other Green mayors are moving to push-bikes. So the question is, what sort of car should be provided to city council mayors in Sydney? V8

Former liberal party member, Pauline Hanson, noted Liberal councillor Ted Seng became Mayor of Randwick City Council, the first Asian-born Mayor since the council was established 146 years ago One Nation;  (Free Nudist Beach)

Randwick mayor Ted Seng favours council amalgamation.

Randwick mayor Ted Seng favours council amalgamation.

Randwick leads the way in amalgamation push

Sydney's eastern suburbs councils could be a step closer to having a beach wedding after internal findings revealed the financial benefits and community support behind amalgamation options.
Randwick Council's Liberal mayor, Ted Seng, is pushing to merge with his beachside neighbours after conceding that remaining an independent council is no longer an option.  Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra as One

Orwell could not predict or make up this kind of 1984 like headlines in 2084...

Mr Xi's fox-hunting efforts have led to the extradition of 290 alleged fugitives from 69 countries, according to official figures from December. But those efforts have been frustrated by cautious government responses in Western nations including Australia, which is commonly listed as a top-three destination for Chinese fugitives.

 "A fugitive is like a kite, the body is overseas but the thread is inside China - through family and friends, [we] can always find them," Li Gongjin, team leader of Shanghai police's economic crimes unit, toldXinmin Weekly in an interview late last year
AFR Weekend can confirm Zheng Jiefu has been living in the Melbourne Bayside area for the past six years and claims he was framed for embezzlement when a business relationship went bad. In an interview on Wednesday, Mr Zheng said he would return to China and tell his story, but only if his safety could be assured.
Chinese police chase corruption suspects in Australian suburbs

The former mayor of the Chinese city of Nanjing, Ji Jianye, is sentenced to 15 years in jail for corruption, in the latest high-profile case under president Xi Jinping's much-touted anti-graft drive. Via

Here is why a corruption crackdown in China has lamborghinis Australian sales going nuts

New trends in the making as Chinese might be displaced and want to be born Australian. Randwick and other cities will need to make space for immigration over the next three decades. Is bigger better? Chinese maternity tourists and the business of being born American

US beefs up military assets in Asia sends b1 bomber aircraft to Australia as deterrent

Like Putin's Russia, China tends to take the worst from communism and worst from capitalism and that makes it a lethal combination...
Mr Stoner, who quit politics at the March 28 election for family reasons, has taken a role as "senior adviser" to investment bank Moelis Australia, with whom he had dealings while in office in relation to a visa program aimed at wealthy Chinese investors. Liberals are being lobbied by communists Hard Core Irony as