Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Chichi Bella: Theatre and Writers on creative muses

In 2011 Chichi Bella went to Melbourne in search of bohemia. But she has always kept her distance. "An artist can approve of hedonism, but she can’t be a hedonist herself "...more :-)

“Euphoria is probably the best word to describe how an author feels when the writing goes well. Most of the time, however, the writing is hard, sometimes impossible. The terrifying sense that the creative process is always out of your control — or perhaps that it actually isn’t, in which case the hard-to-impossible stretches are a reflection of your immense shortcomings as a writer — takes a psychological toll.” The Millions 

The mutilations make us who we are, says Christian Wiman. “My father is a man in whom life thrives as a form of death. There is a cancerous élan to him, a mind of maggots”... soul of fatherhood »

“Away from the fierce logic of power that creates the center, the margins remain conspicuously dispersed, unfocused, chaotic. Life takes other forms here; it has its own rhythms and priorities, and unfolds in ways both uncontrollable and difficult to predict.”  Los Angeles Review Of Books

“One of the main problems with films about writers is that the films are too often very inarticulate when talking about books.” New Statesman 

“‘Whom’ may indeed be on the way out”, she writes, “but so is Venice, and we still like to go there.”

Intellectual cachet used to depend on how you write. Now what matters is how you talk

what do we see in our minds as we read
Many readers know – or think they know – the answer to that question. “The problem is that upon close examination the reading experience is far more complex and far less visual than is commonly supposed.”
Stories we cannot see New York Review of Books

introductions forewords prologues
Nick Ripatrazone considers some classic examples of the genre(s), from Walker Percy’s foreword to A Confederacy of Duncesby John Kennedy Toole to Graham Greene’s own preface to The Comedians (framed as a letter to his editor) and Jack Kerouac’s intro-in-the-form-of-a-questionnaire to Lonesome Traveler 
Prefacing Forwords via The Millions 

9 Artists boldly plagiarized Songs ...