Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Serious Crime Taskforce

Treasurer Joe Hockey will today unveil a new taskforce to tackle organised and serious financial crime including tax evasion.
The taskforce will be detailed in next week's budget and will be funded to the tune of $127 million over four years. It will investigate and prosecute superannuation fraud, investment fraud, identity crime and tax evasion, Mr Hockey said.
"It will also help ensure all taxpayers pay their fair share of tax," he said.

MORE than 100kg of explosives stolen from a WA mine site were destined to be sold to an outlaw motorcycle gang, police say. Police charged three people on Tuesday in relation to the theft and transport of $170,000 worth of Senatel Magnum emulsion explosives from Higginsville gold mine near Kambalda  Be afraid please

Labour-hire companies have also allegedly skimmed off millions of dollars in unpaid wages.
Exploitation of workers on 417 visa