Friday, May 08, 2015

Seeing what others don't

The War Nerd: Escape From East Timor (Part One) Pando Daily. Some days I think the world was created by Praha born and bred Kafka. Other days, by Hunter S. Thompson.

Metadata access is putting whistleblowers and journalists as well democracy at risk 

New book: Seeing what others don't: the remarkable ways we gain insights Both scientifically sophisticated and fun to read, Seeing What Others Don't shows that insight is not just a "eureka!" moment but a whole new way of understanding

The Policy Machine Slate. Remember “code is law”? Uglier than you would have thought possible, like Soviet bureaucracy, except in software code

Mr. Nobles and Mr. Bolton have already won prizes for their app concerning citizens and police.


Black Injustice Tipping Point

The cure for nasty emails  Dressing someone down via email is tempting because it's easy - you have plenty of time to dream up daggers that strike straight to the heart
Common sense dancing, humour

Why is 13 years old Media Dragon number five on Google