Thursday, May 21, 2015

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DBpedia is one of the first and most prominent nodes of the Linked Open Data cloud.
It provides structured data for more than 100 Wikipedia language editions as well as Wikimedia Commons, has a mature ontology and a stable and thorough Linked Data publishing lifecycle.
Wikidata, on the other hand, has recently emerged as a user curated source for structured information which is included in Wikipedia.
Enriching DBpedia with structured information from Wikidata provides added value for a number of usage scenarios.
With help of new DBpedia extractors, as well as DBpedia provenance extractors and additional post-processing & validation steps. With the current mapping status we managed to generate over 1 billion RDF triples.
Table, shows some statistics provided from 03.30.2015 rdf output”

The spectacular bioluminous outbreak in Tasmania is bringing light and colour to Hobart’s night skies.

The spectacular bioluminous outbreak in Tasmania is bringing light and colour to Hobart’s night skies

‘With tax, our politicians seem determined to make the process as clumsy and painful as possible’
f a politician was a surgeon, faced with the task of amputating your leg, we can well imagine how it would go. First he’d deny that he planned to amputate the leg. Then he’d pass a law making it illegal to amputate the leg. Then he’d say that he’d amputate an investment banker’s leg instead. Finally, he would blame the mess handed to him by the previous surgeon and would begin to rub away at your toes with a cheese grater.
So it is with taxes. It’s no fun paying them but public spending must be paid for somehow. Yet our politicians seem determined to make the process as clumsy, painful and disingenuous as possible.
This may be because politicians see taxes purely in political terms. They believe that the deep problem with taxes is that people do not like paying them, which is why they say, instead, that the taxes will be levied only on multinational corporations, investment bankers and tax dodgers of all stripes. Politicians placate angry voters with tax exemptions and deductions. All this is politically understandable but has the effect of making the taxes much more damaging than they need to be.
vikings©Harry Haysom
The true problem with taxes is quite different. It is that in an effort to pay less tax, people do some extraordinary things. Most obviously and controversially, they’ll adopt odd legal labels that have the effect of reducing their tax bill. Some are fiendishly complex international schemes, playing different tax treaties off against each other and generating corporate profit that each tax authority deems is someone else’s problem. Others are quite simple. All of them are unfair, and all of them generate paperwork.
A second problem, less fussed-about but probably more serious, is that people will change their behaviour rather than just the legal description of that behaviour. For example, some new mothers who want to work will stay at home rather than hire childcare out of heavily taxed income. The mother doesn’t get the career she wanted, and the taxman doesn’t get the tax revenue. Nobody wins. Scandinavian Tax Solutions

Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority warns against more organized and systematic criminal networks within the workplace.
Norway is Concerned about Increasing Organized Crime in Labor Market