Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ecclecric Stories

It’s an honor to address you today. In preparing my remarks, I consulted two new books: “The World Is Waiting for You,” an anthology of 18 commencement speeches by left-leaning speakers, and“Remembering Who We Are,” a collection of 30 commencement addresses by conservatives. These texts not only gave me the stock quotes and foreign phrases that are de rigueur in commencement addresses, but they also helped me identify the eight steps to making a purposeful graduation speech — assuming that purpose is to deliver unprotestable, unchallenging, C-SPAN-friendly remarks that will leave graduates, relatives and administrators cheery and intellectually unencumbered 

TaxGrrrl, Man’s Tax Refund Seized For Parking Tickets On Car He Never Owned

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Have any of you been to the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar?  (For a fee, you can beat up and abuse the staff.)  How about The Crying Bar

New Cybercrime Trends

Does fear of death explain the development of art, religion, language, economics, science, and almost all of human behavior »

William Zinsser, who died last week, knew how to live well and write well. His advice about endings: "When you're ready to stop, stop"... stop stop »