Thursday, May 07, 2015

Power of Predictions - Google announces Digital News Initiative

Laurie Sullivan – MediaPost: “Google began rolling out a digital news partnership with eight European newspaper publishers acknowledging past mistakes with news organizations. On Tuesday the Mountain View, Calif. company pledged more than $164 million to nurture, support and fund digital journalism and news organizations. The Digital News Initiative’s road map focuses on working with news publishers to establish a product working group that fosters close and ongoing dialogue to explore product developments that increases revenue, traffic and audience engagement. Three key areas include product development, support of innovation, and training and research.”

David Shing, better known as Shingy, has been one of Australia's most outspoken exports - appointed AOL's digital prophet, he has been on the speaking circuit for the last few years spreading his particular view of the future of the IT marketplace - drawing criticism and praise in equal measure. ARN sat down to have a chat with him at CeBIT 2015 ahead of his keynote Digital Prophet Aussie boy nicknamed Shingy and his predictions : Shingy takes lots of leaves out of books and stories by technical evangelist Robert Scoble

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How to crack many Master Lock combinations in eight tries or less Ars Technica. Well, I’m OK, since I never go to a gym, hence don’t have a locker there.

 Stephen F. Cohen on Russia and Putin, Bets are being taken in Ukraine and some parts of Russia this week predicting that Putin will be powerless by May 2016 ...

Putin's Buildings to outlive VladiMir the coward warrior

Russ Roberts interviews David Skarbek on prison gangs 

"If we say we believe God is sovereign, but spend our days wringing our hands and fretting, we're just doing lip-service to theology.

If we say we believe God is love, but spend our days berating ourselves and others, we're just doing lip-service to theology."

Lore Ferguson has a brief devotional on this theme at a new website for gospel-oriented readers and leaders

We have figured out why the earth hums