Tuesday, January 31, 2017

You Are Fired : The Trump Reality Show Must Go On

Wise Boss: During a concert in Australia, Bruce Springsteen slammed President Donald Trump for his executive order "Muslim ban," echoing the rage of thousands of protesters. The rock legend introduced 2006 track "American Land," which he dubbed "an immigrants' song," with a rallying cry of equality.
Bruce Springsteen slams trump America is a nation of immigrants

President Donald Trump has sacked acting Attorney-General Sally Yates, accusing her of "betraying the Department of Justice" after she directed her attorneys not to defend his controversial executive refugee and immigration ban.

Donald Trump sacks Attorney General Sally Yates

Who Hasn’t Trump Banned? People From Places Where He’s Done Business
NYT. Note that the two authors of this piece are involved in the Emoluments Clause litigation I posted about last week– and that their op-ed conveniently fails to mention the origin of this seven-country grouping.

Around noon on January 30th, Hitler was sworn in
"I will employ my strength for the welfare of the German people, protect the Constitution and laws of the German people, conscientiously discharge the duties imposed on me, and conduct my affairs of office impartially and with justice to everyone," said the Fureh (sic)

Former Footballer and Parliamentary Swimmer: Mark Latham rise of the outsiders Trump stylerevolution-is coming here