Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Post for A Friend Who is the Proudest Dad in the World ;-)

Sydney teens Charlotte Brinkworth, Georgina and Amanda Hedges are ambassadors for international Premiere Global Arts program that puts aspiring actors, singers and dancers in front of top agents, casting directors and managers.

Young, aspiring actors Amanda Hedges, and her sister Georgina, along with Charlotte Brinkworth. Picture: Toby Zerna

Premiere Global Arts: Fresh Aussie faces go to Hollywood

Speaking of Hollywood, ""Letters to Andy Warhol" (rather than Vaclav's 'Letters to Olga'), a traveling exhibition touching down in West Hollywood for just 10 days, could have been curated by an algorithm. It features only 10 works but is packed with crowd-pleasing features. (Andy's Slavic born parents  would be also proud of this Google staged exhibition)

Hollywood Politics? Sure, But The Stories That Get Made Have Everything To Do With The Box Office

Movies that show struggles against prejudice, poverty, ignorance, oppression and fear reflect liberal values only in the sense that “reality has a well-known liberal bias”, said Marty Kaplan, quoting Stephen Colbert. “If there were big money to be made telling stories celebrating home schooling, semi-automatic rifle ownership, the bullying of gays, white supremacism, misogyny or xenophobia, Hollywood would be racing to make them.”

For LM and BC: Nice try, @turbotax. There are some strange tax credits in this country but moving just because your house is haunted isn’t one of

Curious, I looked to see what it was responding to. TurboTax, it turns out, will have a (pretty awesome, actually) new Super Bowl ad, starring Kathy Bates: Continue reading