Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Im no longer Rich and I am from nowhere

Pub landlord fears loss of tax office jobs will hit Bootle trade hard  

Looking for the self in self-help. Self-mastery is an illusion. We do not make ourselves, and we cannot validate ourselves... Imrich   

Three years ago, The New York Times published its innovation report, an unsparing assessment of the newsroom's many weaknesses. Nearly 100 pages long and full of words like "worrying," "shrinking" and "upheaval," the report described a New York Times that was in a digital standstill while competitors like BuzzFeed, Vox Media and The Washington Post were racing ahead.
Today, The New York Times released the results of another self-examination, and the prognosis looks much better.
The 2020 report, which clocks in at 37 pages, describes a newsroom that has made major strides to fill the gaps outlined three years ago: The Times' digital audience is growing rather than shrinking; the newsroom has embraced data and analytics; there's a clearly defined digital strategy...

S(i)x Female Artists At The Top Of The Auction Charts

Auction prices are a terrible way of judging the value of an artist. But they do tell you something about the demand for their work. Male artists command higher prices generally, but these six women are rising in the auction market.

Almost as good as Andrej who came from nowhere