Friday, January 20, 2017

Luck, Luxury and Trade Seeking Secrets

INK BOTTLE“Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say ‘infinitely’ when you mean ‘very’; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.”
~ C.S. Lewis, letter to Joan Lancaster, June 26, 1956

AS ALWAYS, LIFE IN THE 21st CENTURY IMITATES MONTY PYTHON: Watch Monty Python Eviscerate The Women’s March 38 Years Before It Happened.

Extreme Inequality Is Not Driven by Merit, but by Rent-Seeking and Luck

Student Loan Collector Cheated Millions, Lawsuits Say NYT. Sounds just like mortage servicers in the foreclosure crisis.

Jet, mansions figure in $232 million foreign trust case to be heard in Auckland court New Zealand Herald (RS). This is about 1MDB and “controversial Malaysian financier Jho Low,” and the mansion is in Los Angeles. (The penthouses, however, are in Manhattan.)

Banks face talent crisis amid mounting costs of employee turnover: report Reuters

The G77 will push for 'tax justice' through a UN tax body 

One of the Three Darling Harbour Walk S's

NEWS YOU CAN USE: BLM Launches Social Media Site So You Can ‘Mark Yourself Unsafe’