Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Melbourne Bourke Street victims at solemn vigil

A man deliberately drove a car into lunchtime crowds along Melbourne's Bourke Street mall and further up the road, killing and injuring those in his path.
Three people died in the street, two more later and more than 30 others were hospitalised. Scores were left in shock.
- Zachary Bryant, 3 months.
Zachary's parents: "He leaves us with the best three months and 14 days of wonderful memories spent in this world."
- Thalia Hakin, 10
Due to begin grade five at Beth Rivkah Ladies College. Her nine-year-old sister, Maggie, and mother, Nathalie, were also caught up in the incident. Nathalie remains in intensive care.
- Matthew Si, 33
He'd lunched with his wife minutes before he was hit. She described him as "devoted" and said she was "shattered" by the loss.
- Jess Mudie, 22
The Sydney insurance firm worker has been described by family as a "bright bubble of joy". Her twin, Emily, posted a picture on Facebook of them embracing.
- Unnamed Japanese national, 25

Flowers on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth streets in Melbourne. Picture: Ncole Garmston
Thirty one people were taken to five hospitals in the chaotic aftermath, including the man charged over the deaths. Five were critical.
On Tuesday, 18 remained in four hospitals, two of them critical.
New mum Nethra Krishnamurthy is one of the remaining injured.
She was hit on her first week back at work after eight months of maternity leave and suffered a broken spine, punctured lung and cuts to the head.
Thalia's sister Maggie and mother Nathalie remain in hospital, Nathalie in intensive care.
Four people in St Vincents Hospital are serious but stable with numerous fractures.
James 'Jimmy' Gargasoulas, 26, was charged with five counts of murder on Monday. He was allegedly on bail a the time of the offences and will face more charges as police continue to investigate.
He is due back in court in August.
Gargasoulas' brother, Angelo, was critically injured in a stabbing on Friday before the Bourke Street incident and remains in a stable condition in hospital.
Many other people were shocked or struggling with grief but did not require hospital treatment.
Sources: Hospitals, police, Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

Victims Of the Bourke Street Mall Attack

I couldn't believe this was Melbourne': People gather to mourn Bourke Street victims at solemn vigil


The Bourke Street Fund | Victorian Government

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