Friday, January 13, 2017

Travelling and Socialising: Exoting Dancing Bitcoins

“Federal judge rules it’s against state law to dock strippers’ pay if they remove their clothes too slowly” [Wisconsin; BNA via @jonsteingart]

Joyce’s ‘Portrait Of The Artist’ At 100: Colm Tóibín On The Book’s Ongoing Latitudal Relevance

“When I read the hellfire sermon in A Portrait, I had heard some of those very words, even though I was born 40 years after the book came out. The Christmas dinner scene, with the bitter argument about Parnell between Stephen’s father and his aunt, could easily have come from many Irish tables in the 1970s and ’80s …

Since corporal punishment in schools continued until as recently as the early ’80s, anyone who had the misfortune to be educated by priests or Christian Brothers (or indeed nuns) would have fully recognised the scene where Stephen is unfairly punished. It happened to us all.”
The WSJ Wants To Remind You Anthony Scaramucci Is The Trump Advisor Who Was Fired By Goldman Sachs Dealbreaker

When Willem de Kooning heard of Jackson Pollock’s death, he celebrated: “I’m number one.” Why do some artistic relationships nourish artists, while others tear them apart?

Are We Safe Yet? Timothy Geithner, Foreign Affairs

Fake wise reader

Is it time to hold police officers accountable for constitutional violations? “Qualified immunity” is a judicial invention with no basis in the Constitution

RMB accounted for 98% global bitcoin trading volume over past six months
Here is the link, picture, and source.  Of course that is all about capital controls, and a capital control-evading mechanism is what Bitcoin has evolved into.  I wonder how it will evolve further, especially if the Chinese crack down on the practice, which they are more than capable of doing.