Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Replacing CEOs and Managers

For the creation of a masterwork of literature two powers must concur, the power of the man and the power of the moment, and the man is not enough without the moment.
— Matthew Arnold, born on this date in 1822


"A civilisation that conserves is one that will 


Why I Can Feel No Fear Der Spiegel

 A Lesson from Machiavelli

The Church Of Efficiency Is Making Us Anxious

“The quest for increased personal productivity – for making the best possible use of your limited time – is a dominant motif of our age. And yet the truth is that more often than not, techniques designed to enhance one’s personal productivity seem to exacerbate the very anxieties they were meant to allay. The better you get at managing time, the less of it you feel that you have.”

The federal agency accused of widespread misconduct and whistleblower retaliation at several of its offices is now attempting to create an organizational culture built on several ethical pillars.

The Devastating Transformation Of Work In The US Economic Front

Tips from James, Epicurus, and Kierkegaard — on how to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Book Review of “Dark Age Ahead” by Jane Jacobs Ian Welsh

Can an Amazon Echo Testify Against You? Selectall 

An update on all the legal cases we thought would be huge in 2016 Ars Technica

The pursuit of productivity seems to exacerbate the anxieties it's meant to allay. What if the idea of efficiency is what makes us feel madly inefficient?

Podcast and Transcript via Wharton: Why the Coming Jobs Crisis Is Bigger Than You Think – “The incoming Trump administration has made job creation a national priority. But here is a sobering prediction: No matter which political party holds the White House or Congress, over the next 25 years, 47% of jobs will likely be eliminated by technology and globalization, according to WorkingNation. It’s a phenomenon called “structural unemployment” and it affects nearly all industries and even white-collar workers. Venture capitalist Art Bilger founded WorkingNation to sound the alarm about the coming crisis and to spark discussions about potential solutions. Bilger believes the nature of employment is fundamentally changing and cannot be reversed. But workers, businesses and the government can prepare for it if they work together — starting with stepped up infrastructure spending that has bipartisan support. He recently joined the Knowledge@Wharton Show, which airs on Sirius XM channel 111, to discuss his prescription for ameliorating the coming jobs crisis, and what his organization and others have tried so far.”

The world’s largest hedge fund is building an AI engine to manage the company Business Insider Personality tests? Has Dalio forgotten the concept of “garbage in, garbage out”? Hardly any are well validated.

Start-Up Culture Is Corrupting Our Youth and Killing Real Entrepreneurship 

How An 18th-Century Presbyterian Minister Helped Create Modern Computer Science, Forensic Science, And Brain Science

In 1748 David Hume argued,inter alia, that the probability of witnesses inaccurately claiming to have witnessed the risen Jesus was greater than that of Jesus actually rising from the dead. For the Reverend Thomas Bayes, this was simply not acceptable.

Creative Hubs’ May Be The Thing Every City Wants, But They’re ‘Still Largely Misunderstood And Undervalued’, Says Report

“The British Council report, ‘Creative Hubs: Understanding the New Economy’, finds the tendency to conflate creative hubs with cultural quarters, clusters of economic activity and creative zones ‘unhelpful’.”

 It's time to think about moving that spare billion dollars you've got stashed in a Caribbean tax haven 

Policing Police Robots UCLA Law Review 

Fakebook Atrios

 Securities and Exchange Commission: Actions Needed to Address Limited Progress in Resolving Long-Standing Personnel Management Challenges, GAO-17-65: Published: Dec 29, 2016. Publicly Released: Dec 29, 2016.

“Employee views on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) organizational culture have generally improved since 2013. Employees GAO surveyed cited improved levels of morale and trust within the agency compared to 2013 and noted that SEC was less hierarchical and risk-averse. However, GAO’s survey indicated that SEC still operates in a compartmentalized way and that there is little communication and collaboration between divisions.”

Hedge fund developing AI to replace managers Guardian ... this was already well underway in 2007 via fund products that would create “synthetic beta” at a fraction of hedge fund prices (and we wrote
 about it then). CalPERS, which has officially exited hedge funds, is using some strategies like that

"Appeals court vacates 'unconscionable' life sentence for New Orleans man over theft of $15 from 'bait vehicle'": John Simerman of The New Orleans Advocate has this report.And Kevin McGill of The Associated Press reports that "Appeals court tosses life sentence for $15 theft."
You can access Wednesday's ruling of Louisiana's Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal atthis link.

"Judge: Reporters, witnesses must be allowed to see entire execution in Arizona; When it took two hours to kill prisoner Joseph Wood, witnesses could not see executioners pumping multiple doses of drugs into the killer." Michael Kiefer of The Arizona Republic has this report