Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Google's Relentless AI Appetite

News from the Profession. Being a Great Place to Work During Busy Season Means More Than a Free Slice of Pizza (Rachel Andujar, Going Concern)

Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force & Digital Economy Leadership Team report, Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things, January 2017
A New Era of Mass Surveillance is Emerging Across Europe Just Security

Via GovFresh – “18F has developed a framework for how it helps agencies with digital transformation efforts and has created a deck, “Transforming U.S. government services in a digital world,” that offers a blueprint for others looking to do this on their own. 18F’s Chris Cairns shares more about the work around this effort….”

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Does your smartphone make you less likely to trust others? The Conversation

Public trust in media at all time low, research shows FT

How 3D printing could disrupt Asia’s manufacturing economies The Conversation (J-LS). Maybe. The matter compilers of Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age remain fictional….
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 Mark R. Patterson, Google, Yelp, LIBOR, and the Control of Information.  Data fraud, data fraud, data fraud, welcome to 2016 yes you should be reading more books on this topic

AI arms race risks spiralling out of control, report warns   Financial Times 

Mark Zuckerberg Telepathy Technology: Is Facebook Hiring Neuroscientists For 'Mind-Reading' Social Networks?

Mark Zuckerberg thinks telepathy is the technology of the future, and now Facebook is actively recruiting for a number of neuroscientist positions, which is leaving some wondering if Facebook is attempting to create a “mind-reading” social network.

Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited WordFence 

Aphabet is seen as the tech industry’s top destination for artificial intelligence engineers and scientists. But Alphabet also has been more aggressive in acquiring AI startups than other tech firms. Its Google unit bought nine between January 2014 and the end of November 2016, nearly twice as many as the second-most active firm, Apple. That’s according to new data from market research firm CEB..
Google's Relentless AI Appetite 

14 Women in AI You Should Follow on Twitter  Amen

Washington Post: The cyberattack struck Los Angeles Valley College late last month, disrupting email, voice mail and computer systems at the public community college in Southern California. Then, school officials found a ransom note.
The missive advised the college that its electronic files had been encrypted and that the files could only be unlocked with a “private key.” The attackers would supply the key after receiving payment in the valuable digital currency known as bitcoin, which can be used anonymously without a centralized bank.
“You have just 7 days to send us the BitCoin after 7 days we will remove your private keys and it’s impossible to recover your files,” the attackers warned, according to a copy of the note obtained by The Washington Post.

Leaders of the Los Angeles Community College District decided to pay the ransom.
Clearly this is just a beginning  ... 

A new set of fact sheets can be used as a one-stop shop for anyone looking for information on digital technology trends. Record shares of Americans now own smartphones, have home broadband. January 12, 2017

ATO Clean Up continues

Accenture via World Economic Fortune: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the single most disruptive technology the world has seen since the Industrial Revolution. Granted, there is a lot of hype out there on AI, along with doomsday headlines and scary movies. But the reality is that it will positively and materially change how we engage with the world around us. It’s going to improve not only how business is done, but the kind of work we do – and unleash new levels of creativity and ingenuity. In fact, research from Accenture estimates that artificial intelligence could double annual economic growth rates of many developed countries by 2035, transforming work and fostering a new relationship between humans and machines. The report projects that AI technologies in business will boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent. Rather than undermining people, we believe AI will reinforce their role in driving business growth. As AI matures, it will potentially serve as a powerful antidote for the stagnant productivity and shortages in skilled labor of recent decades.”

The Astounding Collapse of American Bus Ridership Slate. Philip P: “Study finds ‘Cuts prompt ridership declines, not the other way around.'”

Data capitalism is cashing in on our privacy . . . for now Financial Times. Guess no one sent them the memo that the Internet of Things is on hold until someone figures out how to make it secure…which given the size of the installed base and its deep-seated problem, is pretty close to a non-starter.