Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Wetpaint:: Soros says ‘defeat Putin ASAP to preserve our civilization

 Croation Antipodean Josie and  the last day at work and future peppered with dreams and travel 🧳 

Andy Sonia and Scott know how to paint and serve tasty kingfish

Soros says ‘defeat Putin ASAP to preserve our civilization’ RT. Moi: How many divisions does Soros have? 

Cranky, 91 year-old man tells WEF that Russia must be defeated quickly to save his legacy and to save the planet from climate change. Also says that that Chinese leader Xi Jinping has damaged his legitimacy with Covid-19 lockdowns in Shanghai and elsewhere as everybody knows that Let ‘Er Rip is the only mature policy to do. Hasn’t he got some clouds that he could yell at instead?

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