Thursday, May 12, 2022

Ukraine Refugees and Streets: Vladimir Putin’s glitzy $989 million megayacht seized by the Italian government

 Jeffrey Pennell (Emory) & Reid K. Weisbord (Rutgers), Trust Alteration and the Dead Hand Paradox, 48 ACTEC L.J. __ (2023)

Wonder how long until the impotent Western nations offer refugee status to the hundreds of thousands fleeing Ukraine. Australia stepped up in 1968 when Soviets did the same thing in Czechoslovakia. And we can’t keep claiming we are now welcoming foreigners back to our shores.

Thoughtful Janine Perrett

Sydney council's plan to change Russian consulate's address to Ukraine Street - Zelensky Avenue

Vladimir Putin’s glitzy $989 million megayacht seized by the Italian government

Ukraine’s armed forces claim they have destroyed Vladimir Putin’s special “parade boat”, which he uses to inspect his naval fleets.

A Raptor-class patrol vessel was reportedly obliterated by a laser-guided bomb during a drone near Snake Island in the Black Sea.

“We received information that one of the destroyed boats of the Raptor type in the Snake Island area was Putin’s parade boat,” the Ukraine Now Telegram channel wrote.

It’s believed the president’s vessel, which previously featured in military parades, is “distinguished by the white colour of its hull”.

Russian ships taking stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria: Ukraine Ministry of Defense


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Vladimir Putin Address to Victory Parade on Red Square – May 9, 2022 – English SubtitlesYouTube. Short, but if you are impatient, transcript here

Putin’s calm, restrained Victory Day speech ‘left room for negotiations’ Global Times. Misses that the Donbass forces = DNR and LNR militias plus Chechens, with regular Russian army artillery support. In the speech, Putin acknowledged the Donbass militias and apparently some members were present. 

March of the Immortal Regiment, St Petersburg, 2022: Impressions of a Participant Gilbert Doctorow. Read to the end

Sky News Stops Interview With Russian Diplomat Over Mention of Zelensky Posting SS Symbol Sputnik. Rev Kev saw the clip which has apparently been yanked since. But it still lives on Twitter

How Sydney's 'Balenciaga bikie' Tarek Zahed and his brother became the city's latest underworld targets

Power struggle inside NSW criminal gangs underworld after shootings fuel further violence, police say

New paper on how the U.S. government financed three world wars.

Looming squeeze on Covid boosters?  Isn’t it the job of government to provide public not private goods?  Which of those are we doing right now?

Will the median voter end up ruling on abortion rights? (NYT)

The Shadow of the Neolithic Revolution on Life Expectancy,” a paper by a bunch of economists

Do we overestimate how extreme our opponents are?

Fracking technologies can boost greener energy sources too. Revised: correct link here.

The Arnold Kling proposal for network-based higher education