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Cope’s Ceramic collection Zesty bibliophile

Australia’s rich history of studio ceramics has been shaped by three generations of makers. From the pioneers of functional pottery tradition to contemporary artists who push the boundaries of the medium, Clay Dynasty is the first major exhibition to showcase Australian studio ceramic practice across the entirety of this period


Mon 11th October, 2021 – Sun 29th January, 2023
Powerhouse Museum

500 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007

Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery QVMAG

Could this pottery shard be a 1,000-year-old hand grenade? Signs point to yes.

Stooge, accomplice, propagandist: Whatever you call Boris Iofan, Stalin's architect had a remarkable knack for survival 

A 72-Year-Old Woman Stole a Jacket From Paris’s Musée Picasso and Had It Tailored—Not Realizing It Was Artwork

Why Artisans In Japan Sometimes Choose Hard Physical Work

One wood turner: "Well, you know, tradition is not just something in the past. It’s something that we’re making. ... I hope that I’m making things that 100 years from now people will say are traditional." - Slate

Further Evidence Emerges That Trump Is a Violent Sociopath

Study: Four Times More Male Characters Than Female In Literature

Mayank Kejriwal and fellow researcher Akarsh Nagaraj used data from 3,000 books that are part of the Gutenberg Project, across genres including adventure, science fiction, mystery and romance. - The Guardian

Firebombs and death threats: councillors need more protection, say UK bodies Guardian

For the “zesty bibliophile” Emma Smith, books can be both dangerous and benign, and can mean more than their contents   zesty

       The New York Times Book Review 

       With The New York Times Book Review (still) looking fora new editor, Kyle Paoletta wonders at some length: 'What does the future hold for one of United States' oldest literary institutions ?' in The Nation, in The New York Times Book Review at a Crossroads
       Paoletta offers a useful overview of the NYTBR and the editorial changes over the years -- noting also:
For such a durable institution, it is striking that The New York Times Book Review has mostly remained devoted to the template for book reviewing it adopted in the early 20th century.
       But surely part of the reason for its durability is that stick-to-the-formula conservatism. (I speak, of course, as someone who has changed basically nothing about this site over past twenty-three years .....) 
       He also notes:
While claiming to be a political Switzerland, the Book Reviewhas seemed to skew to the center-right, with conservatives reviewing conservatives, centrists reviewing centrists, and very few leftists to be found.
When it comes to fiction and literary culture, the contemporary Book Review has often seemed less concerned with reviewing books that might challenge readers in exciting ways than with minting stars.

From seawater to drinking water, with the push of a button MIT News 

Why does swearing make us stronger? Big Think (fk). Funny, I picked up the habit of the regular use of profanity when on Wall Street. The use of bad language outside contexts like that was less acceptable than now

Warren Buffett Says Markets Have Become a ‘Gambling Parlor’ WSJ