Saturday, May 21, 2022

Natasha Bianca Lyonne Braunstein Revisits Her Breakout Characters

Natasha was estranged from her father, who was a Democratic candidate for City Council for the sixth District of Manhattan in 2013,[3][18]and lived on the Upper West Side until his death in October 2014.

Natasha Lyonne Revisits Her Breakout Characters

Natasha Lyonne on Her Ride to ‘Russian Doll’ and Telling Her Own Stories

The multihyphenate and Animal Pictures co-founder talks about the return of her Netflix series, splitting up with Fred Armisen over a swimming pool and rebounding from the pitfalls of child stardom: "The resentments I had against this business, I’m over them."

    Q & A: Daniel Mendelsohn 

       At The Oxonian Review Foteini Dimirouli has An Interview with Daniel Mendelsohn, the fifth in their: "series of interviews with contemporary critics about criticism". 
       Among his admissions:

I tend to write exactly the way I talk, which is why my punctuation is extremely idiosyncratic.

       And not surprising to hear that:

There was an absolute rule at The New York Review of Books that you could never use the word ‘compelling’ to describe a work. I thought this was really great advice because the language that's available to describe the effect of literature or art needs to be purged as much as possible of words that are placeholders, which stop us, as we write, from actually working out the problem. ‘Compelling’ really says nothing.

The State Organizes the Capitalist Class. The Working Class Will Have to Organize Itself.Jacobin

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‘A magnet for rip-off artists’: Fraud siphoned billions from pandemic unemployment benefitsWaPo

Top Australian writers call for climate action to be at the centre of election Guardian


Beach Houses on the Outer Banks Are Being Swallowed by the Sea NYT We shouldn’t be building permanent structures o the outer banks. And until relatively recently, we weren’t. Time to return to building beach shacks and ‘ephemeral bungalows.


Dirty liberal pipe-dream: 3 myths about electric cars Agence France-Presse


Here’s the First-Ever Map Showing Wildfire Risk to American Homes NYT


Watery graves recall early Las Vegas’ organized crime days AP


Birds, beavers and microparks: experts plan to rewild London Guardian

Why everyone should care about biodiversity lossSouth Tina Morning Post

Shoes made from grapes and mushroom handbags: the rise of animal-free leather Guardian

With Daniel Gross, here is a (very much) shortened bit from Talent: How to Identify Energizers, Creators, and Winners Around the Worldpublished at a16z, excerpt from the chapter on when to use talent scouts:

It is worth thinking about why the scouting model works in this context [finding supermodels]. First, the relevant talent could come from many different parts of the world, and the number of people to be scouted is very large. It is hard to imagine a centralized process getting the job done. Second, many of the scouts plausibly have a decent sense of who might make a good model. Looks are hardly the only factor behind modeling success, but they are a kind of “first stop,” and expecting the scouts to judge looks well from first impressions is more plausible than expecting the scouts to use first impressions to judge talent well for skill in, say, quantum mechanics. Third, a follow-up investigation to judge the modeling talent of the chosen candidates is not extremely costly. You can have them in for a photo shoot and see how popular they prove in the market without having to invest millions of dollars right away…

  “The telltale sign of a successful intellectual life is weirdness – weird in the best possible way.”  Short essay on my approach to things, a good piece I thought

Why Women Make “Silly” Mistakes When They Fall in Love With a Man