Friday, May 13, 2022

“I think there was a tendency for parents to misuse power, and I think there’s a tendency for power to be misused. Nothing’s more corrupting than power. Very few people stand it, I think

The Powerhouse Museum is facing criticism for ousting a public exhibition and throwing staff and resources behind a runway show for Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

The popular Microcars exhibition has made way for the museum’s first fashion runway show in its 142-year history, with the NSW Opposition questioning the cost to taxpayers of the museum’s collaboration with young designer Jordan Gogos.

Powerhouse criticised as popular exhibition ousted to make way for fashion show

Enter a search into and the Google results are delivered in reverse chronological order. This is useful for many subjects including medical illnesses which return search results back to the 1070’s allowing you to build a more complete perspective on an illness over time. In some cases, medical literature from 40 years ago offers critical and foundational data not returned by current search queries.

       They've announced the winner of this year's Joseph-Breitbach-Preis, a €50,000 German author prize, and it is Natascha Wodin; see, for example, the SWR2 report
       This prize has a solid list of previous winners -- though they'll be hard pressed to top 2000, when they were still awarding the prize to a trio of authors: that year they gave it to Ilse Aichinger, W.G.Sebald, and Markus Werner. 
       The timing of the announcement is convenient, as there's a new translation of a Wodin book just out -- her 2017 Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair-winning She Came from Mariupol, which certainly sounds timely; see also the Michigan State University Press publicity page, or get your copy at or

       Brisbane review 

       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Eugene Vodolazkin's Brisbane, just out from Plough Publishing. 

       Translating Myself and Others review 

       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Jhumpa Lahiri on Translating Myself and Others, just about out from Princeton University Press. 

       (This is the third work by Lahiri I've reviewed -- but they're all non-fiction; I haven't gotten to any of her novels yet .....) 

       The New York Review of Each Other's Books ? 

       Via I'm pointed to Dan Stone looking at the data in considering Is it really the “New York Review of Each Other's Books” ? as he goes about: 'Measuring the extent of self-reviewing at the New York Review of Books from 1963-2022'.
       A fascinating data-dive -- with especially the graph of Likelihood of a New York Review of Books Contributor Having Their Own Book Reviewed in the New York Review of Books by Articles Written impressive, as he finds: "46% of people who write only one article have had a book they wrote reviewed, 58% at two articles, 63% at three articles, and 72% at 5".