Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Imrich created every 30 hours – older people using TikTok to defy ageist stereotypes

A New Billionaire Was Created Every 30 Hours During The Pandemic: Oxfam

A Liberal Party guided by right-wing commentators is in serious trouble

ATO second commissioner, client engagement group, Jeremy Hirschhorn said the most recent estimates from the ATO showed the country was around 93 per cent tax compliant. 

ATO warning as $33.5 billion missing

Poor advice and simple errors are responsible for much of the $15 billion small-business tax gap, ATO second commissioner Jeremy Hirschhorn said.

$15bn of tax gap down to simple errors, says ATO A “goldilocks” approach to advice would help iron out the mistakes that lead to shortfall

FALLOUT: Russian Diplomat Quits Over ‘Criminal’ Ukraine War: ‘Never Have I Been So Ashamed of My Country.’

COLLUSION:  McKinsey’s consulting work with Russian weapons manufacturer draws scrutiny in Washington. “McKinsey has come under scrutiny in Congress for its work with state-owned companies in China, with lawmakers questioning if the company should be awarded national security-related contracts given its extensive presence in China. McKinsey also faces accusations of ignoring possible conflicts of interest when it advised both opioid manufacturers and officials regulating opioids at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

ICE Is Tracking Your Every Move Intercept Keep in mind license plate readers are on interstates and some (many?) state highways. Take local roads.

Monkeypox: 80 cases confirmed in 12 countriesBBC


China seeks more island security pacts to boost clout in Pacific Financial Times


How China uses global media to spread its views — and misinformation Grid. Resilc: “Soooooooooo, USA USA would nevah do dat.”

 Rob Stokes - Independents pose ‘ever-present risk’ in Sydney, say NSW Liberals


The Australian election map has been lying to youABC Australia 

Research – older people using TikTok to defy ageist stereotypes : The Guardian: “Older TikTok users are using the online platform, regarded as the virtual playground of teenagers, to defy ageist stereotypes of elderly people as technophobic and frail. 

Research has found increasing numbers of accounts belonging to users aged 60 and older with millions of followers. Using the platform to showcase their energy and vibrancy, these TikTok elders are rewriting expectations around how older people should behave both on and off social media.

These TikTok elders have become successful content creators in a powerful counter-cultural phenomenon in which older persons actually contest the stereotypes of old age by embracing or even celebrating their aged status,” said Dr Reuben Ng, the author of the paper Not Too Old for TikTok: How Older Adults are Reframing Ageing, and an assistant professor at Yale University…”

The New York Times: “Are you an “insider threat?” The company [or federal government employer] you work for may want to know. Some corporate employers fear that employees could leak information, allow access to confidential files, contact clients inappropriately or, in the extreme, bring a gun to the office.

 To address these fears, some companies subject employees to semi-automated, near-constant assessments of perceived trustworthiness, at times using behavioral science tools like psychology…The language around this sort of worker-watching often mirrors that which is used within the government, where public agencies assess workers who receive security clearances to handle sensitive information related to intelligence collection or national security. 

Organizations that produce monitoring software and behavioral analysis for the feds also may offer conceptually similar tools to private companies, either independently or packaged with broader cybersecurity tools…”

Your Bosses Could Have a File on You, and They May Misinterpret It - The New York Times