Monday, May 09, 2022

Building the “Big Lie”: Inside the Creation of Trump’s Stolen Election Myth

Adam Cranston has denied that he conspired to defraud $105 million from the tax office, saying he believed Plutus Payroll was above board when he acquired the business in 2016.

Accused believed Plutus legit, trial told

Country-by-country reporting is beating transfer mispricing, as I always said it would

As Accountancy Age has reported: A 49% uptick in the amount of extra tax collected from investigations into large corporates shifting profits overseas is an
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ProPublicaBuilding the Big Lie: Inside the Creation of Trump’s Stolen Election Myth – Internal emails and interviews with key participants reveal for the first time the extent to which leading advocates of the rigged election theory touted evidence they knew to be disproven, disputed or dismissed as dubious. “…

ProPublica has obtained a trove of internal emails and other documentation that, taken together, tell the inside story of a group of people who propagated a number of the most pervasive theories about how the election was stolen, especially that voting machines were to blame, and helped move them from the far-right fringe to the center of the Republican Party. 

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College-Educated Workers Help Unionize Places Like Starbucks New York Times. Go class traitors! Or perhaps more accurately, people who were betrayed by their class and are not taking it sitting down.

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A new press secretary, interesting reads and notable media tidbits to wrap up your media diet for the week

Karine Jean-Pierre will make history when she takes over as White House press secretary after Jen Psaki’s last day, announced to be May 13.