Thursday, May 26, 2022

SORRY DAY NAIDOC - San Francisco Archbishop Bars Pelosi from Receiving Holy Communion RT

Arts isn’t simply about entertainment, leisure and hobbies. At its best it affects our education policy, our health policy, our trade, our relations around the world, our industrial relations approach and is a driver of economic growth.

Tony Burke's double ministry of arts and industrial relations could be just what the arts sector needs

The Indigenous musician was discovered as a teenager in the tiny community of Woorabinda. She talks about losing her beloved grandmother, finding poetry in pain and a transformative trip to the desert

‘I didn’t know I had it in me’: soul singer Miiesha steps into the spotlight

Stolen Generations survivor Aunty Lindy Lawler speaks on her path to healing for National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week

GAIN OF FUNCTION:  Wuhan Lab Publishes Study Manipulating H7N9 Virus To Be More Lethal.

New York Times Op-Ed:  We’re in a Loneliness Crisis: Another Reason to Get Off Our Phones, by Tish Harrison Warren (Priest, Anglican Church; Author, Prayer in the Night: For Those Who Work or Watch or Weep (2021) (Christianity Today's 2022 Book of the Year))

GAO, Tax Compliance: IRS Audit Trends for Individual Taxpayers Vary by Income:

From tax years 2010 to 2019, audit rates of individual tax returns decreased for all income levels. On average, individual tax returns were audited over three times more often for tax year 2010 (about 0.9 percent) than for tax year 2019 (0.25 percent). Audit rates for taxpayers with incomes of $200,000 and above decreased the most, largely because higher-income audits tend to be more complicated and require auditors to manually review multiple issues, according to IRS officials. Because audit staffing has decreased, IRS cannot conduct as many of these audits, compared to lower-income audits, which are generally less complex and involve more automated processes. In addition, IRS officials stated that the number of returns filed by higher-income populations is growing, meaning more audits are needed to achieve the same audit rate

This week, Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama; Google Scholar) reviews Jay Soled (Rutgers; Google Scholar) & Kathleen DeLaney Thomas (North Carolina; Google Scholar), AI, Taxation, and Valuation, 108 Iowa L. Rev. __ (2023)

Pete Williams, one of NBC News’ most respected journalists, will retire

Williams has been with NBC News since 1993. Before that, he worked on Capitol Hill and in the news business in his home state of Wyoming.

Mind-Altering Parasite May Make Infected People More Attractive, Study Suggests Science Alert

The Cantillon Effect and Stock Market Crashes Matt Stoller, BIG

Private equity moves into the antitrust spotlight FT

Special Report: How Wall Street banks made a killing on SPAC craze Reuters

The Math Prodigy Whose Hack Upended DeFi Won’t Give Back His Millions Bloomberg. Fascinating story with “Code Is Law” implications.