Saturday, May 21, 2022

E*ection MMXXII

No more sleeps to go or perhaps there will be more, given the high number of pre-poll votes, the narrowing of opinion polls and no certainty as to how preferences will flow.

Shovel has some ideas where elections are heading The Pinkey Antony Green changes name to ‘Antony Liberal-Labor-Green’, to avoid perception of ABC left-wing bias

Betootaadvocate is concerned about unprecedented potential coup 

Australian election briefing: Morrison has a leaky cabinet while Albanese campaigns with Julia Gillard – plus the vibe is tired

Postscript: Federal election 2022 live updates: Anthony Albanese delivers victory speech, Scott Morrison concedes defeat as Labor wins government

Matt Thistlethwaite set to win another term in Kingsford Smith, Labor to form a government

Self-centred voting is distorting our nation

Ethical choices
Ross Gittins hits the nail on the head (“We must reject politics of greed”, The Age, 18/5): instead of thinking what’s in it for me, it would be refreshing if we all considered how we can best support our community. With so many of our fellow citizens living on or below the poverty line, it is disgraceful that in a wealthy country like Australia that we allow this to occur.
We vote and make decisions that impact on so many lives with little thought to the vulnerable in our community. We can do better, as often evidenced in emergency situations.
Denise Stevens, Healesville

Election 2022: Car ploughs into voters at pre-polling booth

Kevin Kelly: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known

Australia's first case of monkeypox has been discovered in Victoria and a "very likely" second case has been found in New South Wales.


Hundreds of millions of dollars in JobKeeper went to a group of private schools that grew their surpluses to almost $1 billion

Local voter Jim Finn, holding daughter Allegra, casts his ballot on the morning of the Australian national election at a Bondi Beach polling station. REUTERS/Loren Elliott

A sacked Australian Tax Office employee illegally accessed the records of four friends and in one case he used his position to help a woman almost get $7500 in illegitimate JobKeeper pay.

Glen Richard Prentice, 51, pleaded guilty to one count each of unauthorised access of restricted data and abuse of public office in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday.

Tax Office worker altered friend’s records for $7500 JobKeeper payment