Saturday, May 14, 2022

How to Grow an Easy Kitchen Garden

 Prices Are Going Up So Fast at This Restaurant They’re Using Stickers on the Menu MSN 

How to Grow an Easy Kitchen Garden

Want to grow your own food but don’t know where to start? Plant a few of these and you’ll have a full pantry in no time.

       Linda Lê (1963-2022) 

       Vietnamese-born French author Linda Lê has passed away; see, for example, the (French) obituary at L'Obs

       Only a few of her works have been translated into English -- Slander (see the University of Nebraska Press publicity page) and The Three Fates (see the New Directions publicity page). 

       Céline exhibit 

       The trove of manuscripts by Journey to the End of the Night-author Louis-Ferdinand Céline that surfaced last year -- see, for example, Lara Marlowe's report in the Irish Times -- of course also means that a whole lot of this material will appear in print, sooner or later. 
       Guerre looks to be the first volume out -- see the Gallimard publicity page -- and in conjunction with the publication of that they're having an exhibit at the Galerie Gallimard on Céline: manuscrits retrouvés; it runs 6 May through 16 July. 

       Also: why doesn't absolutely every publishing house have an affiliated gallery like the Galerie Gallimard ? 


       I remain, online and off, very text-focused, both consumption- and production-wise; I don't have the patience to listen to podcasts and, although TikTok-videos at least have the advantage of great concision, haven't been able to work up much interest in them either. Apparently, however, they're big -- even, or especially, in spreading the book-word. 
       At Oprah Daily Yashwina Canter offers the latest look at the phenomenon, in Why Are Authors Like Colleen Hoover and Taylor Jenkins Reid Seeing Their Book Sales Spike ? Credit BookTok
       I have to admit, I'm still scratching my head -- in no small part because of observations such as:

Bookstagrammer Rod Kelly (@read_by_rodkelly) proudly declares, “We don’t read the same books,” convincing reluctant readers to give writers like Philip Roth a chance.

       (Okay, that's about 'Bookstagram' -- book talk/pictures on Instagram -- ... but it's all one big blur to me. And ... Philip Roth ? ) 

Research that examines how the body adapts to new movements is shedding new light on how the nervous system learns, and could help to inform a wide range of applications, from customized rehabilitation and athletic training to wearable systems for healthcare. The research is published this week in the journal Current Biology.

Research reveals brain searches for best way to move body

The “36 questions of love” have taken the dating world by storm. 

First published in 1997 as part of scientific research into relationships, the 36 questions of love gained global popularity through Mandy Len Catron’s viral 2015 New York Times essay “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This”. 

In that essay, she outlines how she used the 36 questions with a university acquaintance on a casual night out. The result was the two fell in love, not dissimilar to two research participants who took part in the study back in 1997.

In 1984 These questions did not exist but by 2007 these questions were Long published on MEdia Dragon

       Jhumpa Lahiri Q & A 

       In The Daily Princetonian Maria Khartchenko has a Q & A with the author, in On the record with Jhumpa Lahiri: translation, transformation, love for Italian, and a move to Barnard
       Lahiri's Translating Myself and Others is due out shortly -- see the Princeton University Press publicity page -- and I will be getting to it soon. 
       Among her observations:

I’ve been translating my entire life. I was born to two people who never spoke English to me but who lived in the United States, so I was constantly translating things for them, and they were translating things for me. I was translating my life. That’s what I say in my book: that I’ve always been a translator and that I know no monolingual reality. The need to translate everything has been a constant need in my life.

       And I hadn't heard that she is bolting from Princeton and, as they've now announced, Jhumpa Lahiri '89 Returns to Barnard College as the Millicent C. McIntosh Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing