Monday, January 07, 2019

What's the minimum amount of exercise you need to stay healthy during 2019?

Australia's national exercise guidelines (yes, the government has done the work for us) suggest accumulating 150 to 300 minutes of "moderate intensity" physical activity, or 75 to 150 minutes of "vigorous intensity" physical activity, each week (or an equivalent combination of both).
That's an absolute minimum of two and a half hours of moderate intensity activity, or one and a half hours of high-intensity activity, per week to stay healthy. (Ideally, you'd be doing double that.)
The guidelines also recommend doing muscle-strengthening activities at least two days each week, and minimising the amount of time spent sitting.
These guidelines apply to adults aged 18-64; there are different guidelines for other age groups.

A high-flying Australian model has been found dead in her Eastern Suburbs apartment.

Australia's national exercise guidelines (y
Aussie model found dead in apartment
Australian model Annalise Braakensiek was found dead in her Sydney apartment on Sunday afternoon.
Police and ambulance crews attended her Potts Point apartment around 3.30pm after friends and family became concerned about her whereabouts.
Close friends have told the jewellery creator, lingerie designer and health guru hadn’t been heard from for a few days.
Police rescue and ambulance attended the apartment where they found Ms Braakensiek, 46, deceased.
There were no suspicious circumstances, police said, and they will prepare a report for the coroner.
A close friend of Ms Braakensiek, Adriana Dib, who spoke to her in the days before her death said she had seemed “upbeat”.
“I spoke to Annalise on Wednesday night and I thought she sounded okay,” Ms Dib told
“I wasn’t worried at all. We discussed the new year and all the wonderful things we would get to conquer and achieve.
“To find out today that she’s gone is so devastating, I feel out of body.
— Melissa Hoyer, read more.